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Beautify and secure your property while adding value with a new fence from Solid Structures. We offer fencing solutions in vinyl, aluminum, cedar, pressure treated pine, chain link, and more. Experienced installation and a worry free warranty.

The importance of good fencing

You have finally found the home of your dreams. It has everything: a two-door garage, large pool, and a spacious yard. Yet, you didn’t expect chasing the kids and pets to catch them from entering the street.

You also didn’t expect to hear the loud pedestrians walking by. Another problem was when someone broke into the garage space. If you don’t do something, these problems could make living in your home an unbearable nightmare. You need a way to protect your kids, pets, and your home and to make it a bit quieter in the yard.

Fencing from Solid Structures can solve all these problems at one time. A solid fence provides a buffer from street noises while aluminum fencing protects your kids and pets from busy streets. Our fence company also designs fences to provide added security by preventing unwanted thieves from stealing your possessions. When you are looking for choices in beautiful fence styles, contact Solid Structures, your award-winning total backyard contractor.

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Professional Fence Contractor In Virginia Beach, VA

Here at Solid Structures, our team provides you with all their knowledge and expertise for every job. Having a local fence builder perform the work ensures that they understand all local zoning and building codes. The right fence installation contractor also understands what homeowners are picking for popular fence types in your area. Our company can build a fence that fits into your home’s architecture and personal style. We want the homeowner involved in the entire process. We use your ideas in the construction of the new fence. Also, we protect your property during the fence construction work and follow all COVID-19 protocols on the job site.

Is Hiring A Fence Contractor Essential To Your Fencing Job?

While it is possible that a homeowner can take on the DIY fence project, there is a lot of work and issues that could be encountered. You have to be aware of possible building restrictions, property lines, permits, and underground utility locations. If you are performing the work yourself, it could take a long time depending on the size of the fence, and you will need to purchase the right tools for the job.

A fence contractor specializes in working on small and large fence projects. The fence installation process begins with the contractor contacting you to discuss the project. Discussion may include going over the details about the materials, height, costs, and maintenance upkeep of the constructed fence. They may also bring up certain concerns such as the slope of the yard and drainage. They inform the customer about possible local fence ordinances and building codes as well as about getting the necessary permits.

Solid Structures has expertise regarding the different construction techniques for each type of fence. Of course, the installation of an aluminum fence would not be the same as a vinyl, wood fence, or chain-link fence. Every fence type requires specific tools for that material to build a quality fence. The Solid Structures team will have the right tools necessary for the job. If you are looking for specific add-ons to the fence, such as decorative fence caps, locks, and gates, the contractor can discuss and install these upgrades.

Before any work begins, Solid Structures will review the fence location with the client. We will also ask about fence connections made to a neighbor’s fence and whether any previous discussion was made between the neighbors about building the fence. Additionally, we will also inform you about warranty coverage for the fence. When the fence installation begins, Solid Structures will send a crew to perform the work.

How Much Does A Fence Contractor Charge To Build A Fence?

There is no master list for fence installation prices. A contractor’s quote will be based on the type of fence material selected, the size of the yard, the height of the fence, and any additional add-ons. There may also be additional costs for tearing down an old fence.

Here at Solid Structures, we go over all cost aspects regarding the project before any of the work begins. We also inform you of any unexpected costs that may appear during the construction due to unforeseen circumstances so you maintain complete control regarding the installation budget and all decisions that need to be made. If you are looking for an easier way to manage payments, we offer fence installation financing that allows for monthly payments while you enjoy your perfect fence.

How To Choose A Fence Contractor In Virginia Beach?

The company you select should be licensed to perform the construction work. Next, you’ll want to research the companies to evaluate their years of experience, the types of fence materials they work with, and any offered warranties. Check out reviews from previous customers and look at provided examples of previous fence installation work. You’ll want to work with a fence company that has the highest reviews possible. Then request quotes from contractors.

Solid Structures has numerous certifications and licenses, including certifications from the American Fence Association and the ICPI. We are also members of many trade organizations such as the National Association of Home Builders, the Tidewaters Builders Association, and the National Concrete Masonry Association. We are an accredited company through the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with a maintained rating of A+ as we strive to please all of our homeowners with our construction work.

When it comes to obtaining a quote, we don’t have you wait. Just provide us with certain information and we can provide you with an estimate regarding your project. Once you decide to work with us, we can go into greater detail about certain fence features that you may want to change or add that could impact the costs.

Our professional team always wants to keep you informed regarding every aspect of your fence construction. Unlike other companies that may avoid contact because they do not have the crew ready or the time required for the work, Solid Structures always keeps you in the loop about the installation process. If there are any unexpected delays due to material shortage or inclement weather that may extend the deadline, we will contact you about such issues.

Schedule A Free Consultation With Our Fence Installation Team

Are you ready to get started on a fence project? Reach out to Solid Structures today for all your fencing needs. Our team of professionals is ready to discuss your fence project and evaluate the property to offer design ideas regarding your home’s fence style. Solid Structures offers residential and commercial fencing with true workmanship.  

Style options vary with the different materials offered: pressure-treated fencing (wood fence), cedar fencing(wood fence), vinyl fencing, aluminum fencing, and chain link fencing. Then we will offer a competitive quote and provide you with all the information you require to understand how the fence installation will proceed. For a consultation and a quote, call 757-359-9172 or complete the online contact form. An experienced team member will contact you quickly to discuss your project.

Vinyl Fence Installation​

An attractive and affordable choice for a variety of applications.

  • Will not rot or decay
  • Variety of Colors and Styles
  • DIY or have us install Lifetime Warranty

Chain Link Fence Installation​

Chain link fencing can be a simple cost effective install or it can be outfitter for maximum security.

  • Vinyl Coated color options available
  • Privacy Slats and windscreens available in multiple colors
  • Residential or commercial application

Wood Fence Installation​

Wood fencing adds durability and the natural beauty of wood. Cedar and Pressure Treated Pine available.

  • Countless design options
  • Fantastic smell of fresh cedar
  • Multiple lumber grade options

Aluminum Fence Installation​

Aluminum fencing provides beauty, security, and safety for your property.

  • Attractive appearance
  • Will not rust
  • Wide variety of style, color & height
  • DIY or have us install it
  • Lifetime Warranty

Temporary Fence

Temporary fence installation to secure constructions site, concerts, storage areas, and more.

  • Short or Long Term rentals
  • Installation and Repair service
  • Options for wind screens with advertisements
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