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Landscape Lighting Design And Installation

Great lighting has the power to truly transform the exterior of your home or business as it adds an extra layer of beauty, luminance, and security. Outdoor lighting lets you feel proud of how your property looks all through the day and night, too! Landscape lighting brings an extra dimension of beauty to your outdoor space, creating rooms outside of your home to enjoy by yourself or with loved ones while adding livable square footage to the property.

Landscape Lighting by Solid Structures

At Solid Structures, we have the experience needed in the design and installation of custom landscape lighting for home and business owners throughout the Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and Norfolk area. Our goal is simple: to deliver the highest quality customer service with technicians committed to providing superior installation techniques, top-level technology, high quality products and unique design abilities.

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Lighting creates safety


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Full-Service Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Professionals

Outdoor lighting enhances the look and feel of your home. At Solid Structures, we take pride in this and provide unique lighting designs for architecture, landscapes, gardens, hardscapes, and more. We go far beyond simply installing lighting outside the home. We enhance your home’s architectural beauty with accent lighting that highlights your gardens, sets the mood for your outdoor entertainment space, and improves your safety when walking up the drive at night.

With Solid Structures, we provide everything you need from design to installation to maintenance. As a full-service lighting company, we ensure that your home is beautifully lit night after night. Discover why our lighting experts are known as industry leaders in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and Norfolk region. See what we can do for your outdoor space. Schedule your complimentary consultation with us today and ask about our lighting demo!

Coastal Connector
Torch Lighting

Exclusive Coastal Source Lighting dealer for Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and Norfolk

  • Coastal Source landscape light fixtures are made completely of brass. Right down to the nuts, bolts, and stake.
  • Coastal Source landscape light fixtures are 100% sealed to keep out moisture, corrosion, debris, and bugs.
  • Exclusive LED’s and Coastal Source landscape lights feature a fixed socket with mounting clips.
  • Full system warranty—from the transformer through to the last fixture.
  • Exclusive patented Coastal Connector.

The Coastal Connector

The Coastal Source patented Coastal Connector™ is a revolutionary system that makes designing, installing, and maintaining our outdoor audio and lighting systems a snap.

Connections are the #1 cause of failure in outdoor systems. Coastal Connector™ provides the most reliable way to make connections. Coastal Source has eliminated the need to cut, waterproof, and splice wire in the field. Now it is quick and easy to create a connection that is totally weatherproof, saving labor costs and allowing more of the system cost for the best quality materials and components.

Save time and money, from the power source through to the last fixture. Simply place your fixtures in the desired locations, lay out the appropriate length of cables, connect them, bury the cable and enjoy! That’s it.

Want to add a few fixtures or eliminate some? No problem. Thanks to the Coastal Source Coastal Connector™ system you can easily modify your outdoor systems with just a few twists. The Coastal Source Coastal Connector™ is the most essential component of these truly reliable and enjoyable outdoor systems that will grow with you and your garden.

Lighting a pathway at night

Who is Coastal Source?

Coastal Source was founded in the Florida Keys. A builder developing vacation homes continually encountered the same problem over and over again. The project would be built and the owners would visit only a couple of times per year; after a few visits, the low voltage landscape lighting and outdoor audio systems would begin to fail (a huge aggravation at your vacation home). Irrigation, fertilizer, insecticides, acid rain, weed whackers, bugs, and salt spray took a toll on the typical low voltage landscape lighting system. The salt spray may be the most damaging of all. If you live on the coast you can’t get away from salt.

The solution was to build a high-performing low-voltage landscape lighting system and audio system that would stand up to the elements. Solid brass light fixtures, waterproof transformers, coastal connectors airtight and watertight connections, 100% sealed fixtures, energy-efficient LEDs, precision-tuned amplification for high SPL & fidelity; along with many more ingenuities made this a reality.

Outdoor Lighting: What can we light?

  • Coastal Source landscape light fixtures are made completely of brass. Right down to the nuts, bolts, and stake.
  • Coastal Source landscape light fixtures are 100% sealed to keep out moisture, corrosion, debris, and bugs.
  • Coastal Source landscape light fixtures are 100% sealed to keep out moisture, corrosion, debris, and bugs.
  • Exclusive LED’s and Coastal Source landscape lights feature a fixed socket with mounting clips.
  • Full system warranty—from the transformer through to the last fixture.
  • Exclusive patented Coastal Connector.
Coastal Source Official dealer and Installer

Coastal Source Low Voltage LED Landscape Lighting

Coastal Source Match Lights

Coastal Source Match Lights combine cutting-edge patented technology and a modern, minimalist aesthetic. The Gimbal LED provides complete control over the light while remaining watertight and sealed against inclement weather. Put Match lights in places where a fixture needs to be a part of the scenery, not disappear into the landscaping.
Coastal Match Lights by Solid Structures
Coastal Bullet Lights by Solid Structures

Coastal Source Bullet Lights

The Coastal Source Bullet Lights offer multiple solutions in simple, yet elegant fixtures. Available in both MR16 and MR11 sizes, these fixtures feature a proprietary, built-in adjustment giving you perfect control over the light. From a tight spot to a significantly wider spread the Coastal Source Bullet Lights are ideal fixtures that will grow with the ever-changing natural palette of your landscape. These fixtures are capable of showcasing everything from a specimen tree or architectural detail to providing soft light to an overall area. The Coastal Source Bullet Lights are constructed of solid brass right down to the screw that holds the knuckle together. Your fixtures will never rust or corrode shut. All Coastal Source fixtures are designed to be forever serviceable. Extension risers and other accessories are available offering even more customization for your outdoor environment. Available flush mounts and tree mounts allow for seamless downlighting options in almost any location.

Coastal Source Path Lights

Coastal Source offers three unique and stylish path light styles. All provide subtle light and superior dependability that you can count on night after night. Path lights are offered in different finishes and sizes for greater personalization of your outdoor living space. Constructed of solid brass, Coastal Path Lights will be an integral part of your landscape design for many years.
Coastal Path Lights by Solid Structures
Coastal Wash Lights by Solid Structures

Coastal Source Wash Lights

The Coastal Source Wash Light is unparalleled in light output and uniformity. It is available in both low-power and high-power models, allowing you to illuminate small shrubberies or the side of a large building with a single compact fixture. The LED module has been custom designed to utilize CREE COB technology and custom optics to achieve a perfectly uniform light pattern. The whole fixture is used as a heat sink for the LED to ensure it continues lighting for years to come. These lights are available in both 2700K and 3000K.

Coastal Source Lip Lights

Clean, crisp design is paired with the easy installation and reliable performance that Coastal Source is known for. The Lip Light comes with a patented brass Coastal Mini Connector™ ready to attach our flexible LipZip™ cable – available in 15”, 30” & 5’ lengths. The integrated CREE LED module is replaceable and available in 1W or 2W (2700K or 3000K). The entire fixture is constructed of 100% brass with a removable mounting bracket increasing its uses for small, hard-to-light spots such as under railings or up-lighting rafters. The Lip Light is the perfect way to gracefully light your step treads and risers, retaining and seat walls, and accent columns.
Coastal Lighting Lip style
Well Lights

Coastal Source Well Lights

The Coastal Source in-grade light is a completely sealed compact fixture made of solid brass. All screws are concealed by a threaded escutcheon and the fixture can be installed using three screw-in stainless steel spikes to add additional stability if required. This fixture can accommodate all Coastal Source MR16 Lamps, including the 9W, allowing you to light incredibly tall objects from a very low profile fixture.

Coastal Source MR16 Tree Lights

We all love the beautiful scene that downlighting creates and its ability to transform a good lighting design to stunning one. However, we don’t really care for the difficulty of working with a tree, mount, and two to three screws while up on a ladder. Our Uniball Tree Light means one screw and less time (and risk) spent hanging each fixture. Take advantage of this game-changing product that can give you the ultimate stability and flexibility when creating those truly magnificent down-lit designs.
Tree Lights
Hanging Light

Coastal Source MR16 Hanging Light

The Coastal Source Hanging Light is an easy and elegant fixture to create beautiful, natural downlighting. There are a few mounting options such as cable suspended from a tree branch, hard mounted to beams, pergola, or any other solid surface with our 1/2” Flush Mount. Easy installation and sleek look.

Coastal Source Nose Light

The Coastal Source surface-mounted nose light offers a low-profile way to add subtle lighting to a path, wall post, or outdoor living area. Nose lights are crafted of solid brass and utilize the patented Coastal Connector™ installation system. They are offered in five different finishes and accept a replaceable 3-watt LED lamp for the utmost flexibility.

Coastal Nose Lights by Solid Structures
Coastal Torch Lights by Solid Structures

Coastal Source Tiki Torch

We’ve built on the success of our fuel Tiki and kicked it up a notch! Our LED/Tiki head is Direct Connect™, meaning that you can use any Coastal Cable you like–and is paired with our 72″ riser to create a tall, elegant presentation. The only sealed bulb chamber in the industry means that you’ll be enjoying this Tiki for years to come without maintenance…

Coastal Source Niche Lights

Coastal Source Niche Light is an incredibly useful and flexible micro-size series of fixtures that serve many desirable applications. Our LED module with CMC cable is the core of this line, with six different trim styles and multiple finishes making this the most versatile fixture line in the market. Design it into places where discrete lighting is required and where conventional fixtures would be out of place, too bright, and intrusive. The Coastal Source Niche Light family: Small, Beautiful, and Effective!
Coastal Niche Lights
Coastal Flex Niche Lights

Coastal Source FLEX Niche Lights

Micro-sized and easy to conceal, FLEX Niche fixtures cast high-powered, focused lighting without ever giving away their location.

Our most popular combinations are now available as pre assembled fixtures. Ready to install, right out of the box. FLEX Niche fixtures stand out by never being noticed at all.

Coastal Source Step Lights

The Coastal Source surface-mounted LED Step Light offers excellent low-level illumination along walls, steps, and other vertical surfaces. The Step Light allows for 3.5 watts of LED power to increase both the safety and beauty of your installation. Coastal Source Step Lights utilize the patented Coastal Connector™ system for easy installment and long life.

Coastal Step Lights by Solid Structures

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