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Why Should You Hire A Professional Fence Installer

| Scott Prunty |

We all love saving money. Really, who does not love that inexplicable joy of paying less for something worth more? But to get the best out of everything at the lowest cost without compromising quality is more often than not a matter of knowing what you can and cannot do.

You love that real sturdy mahogany table; perhaps you can craft it yourself? How about that cute dress you wanted to buy for a friend, maybe you can sew it yourself? Or that one scrumptious-looking meal you just passed by in a restaurant, where you can cook it yourself at the comfort of your own home.

While it is ideal to always do things yourself to avoid unnecessary expenses, doing something that’s way out of your area of expertise might lead you to have more problems than usual in the process. This same principle applies to something as simple as installing a fence around your property.

To a person with no experience installing a fence, it’s easy to say that fence installation is as simple as digging in the soil and planting a post. But fence installation is more than that digging and planting, and here are seven reasons why you should leave fence installation to a professional.

1. Knowledge

These people are called “professionals” for a reason. It entails they have spent time learning and honing their craft and an even more time in accumulating the experience that has allowed them to be at a high level of skill.

Even if the choice in the style, location, and other details are up to the homeowner, with a professional installer present at every decision to be made, you get to have a well-informed person on site who could guide you in the process.

If ever you want to install the fence by yourself, not only will you need to research on how to install them step-by-step. You will also need to learn how to put the posts, rails, pickets, and latches together. You also need to know how to put up the single gate, fence section, and double gate as necessary. Additionally, you must be confident in how you design the whole structure.  There are many specific skills to know when it comes to setting up a wood, vinyl or a fence of any type. If you have never experienced designing any structure for your property before, it’s best to leave it at the hands of the experts. All these require proper training and skills to achieve the best results.

2. Equipment

As with how you would leave the fencing job to professionals because they are more knowledgeable about the process of fencing, you should also let them do it because they have the more appropriate equipment or machines needed to finish the job correctly. Different people hire professionals for various projects. Some are hired to install pool fences, while some install fences for the garden, and some build privacy fences for larger properties. Professionals not only expand their knowledge and skill through time, but they also expand their specialties as well.

Do-it-yourself installations are quite a hassle. Besides learning everything from scratch and needing a helping hand that knows how to do it, you also need the appropriate tools to finish the work. One missing machine could delay the process or make the finished product unstable.

3. Quality

A professionally installed fence of higher quality is not to say that a done yourself version is lesser in standards. Nevertheless, a professional’s knowledge, equipment, and experience gathered throughout will give more weight to the quality of the things they do than a regular person’s work.

Furthermore, an assured quality comes hand-in-hand with assured long-term utilization. For a feature of the house that serves to ensure its residents’ security, there should be nothing less to consider. After all, the fence should function not just as a structure but also to guarantee the safety of those living within its boundaries.

4. Cost

As mentioned earlier, most homeowners tend to do things themselves because of the cost-saving on labor. However, doing so might instead backfire the entire process, especially if it’s something you have no prior knowledge about. As such, you might end up spending more due to extra expenses incurred or wasted time.

Additionally, a compromised quality might lead you to spend more and more in the long run due to taxing maintenance. It should be mentioned that there is value in investing upon installation to ensure its long-run utility, or else it will end up as a continuous effort of maintenance.

5. Time

One common drawback, or at least how others would perceive it, to hiring a professional is that the schedule is more fixed in installation. When you have a professional to do things for you, things tend to go right on schedule, and there is rarely room to be lax.

Your fencing project is assured to be right on track with a professional, especially with a timetable presented beforehand. Even more, the homeowner gets to spend their precious free time on some other relaxing matter, leaving the fencing installation to the hands of the professional.

6. Value

Standard to property sales, a well-invested house is bound to have more value when placed in the market once again. The same logic is true for almost anything. Imagine if you were to sell low quality crafted furniture.

The minimal effort will show in its design, quality of materials, and durability as a whole. Selling something like that isn’t going to turn the heads unless they’re in it for a short period or if they are on a real tight budget.  Depending on the type of fence you go with, it should be of high value if you decide to sell.

7. Legals

Something that might fall under the earlier reason on knowledge but deserves a different explanation section is the legality. Professionals, given their long periods of experience, will know more about the fencing law and building code requirements.

Given that there are areas that may or may not be suitable or legal to install a fence, hiring a professional reduces the risk in these situations. With a professional company, you can be assured they will be on the safer side of the law as they will not want to get tied up with anything that may tarnish their reputation. Moreover, a registered professional in a company would most definitely offer a warranty for their services, which is all the more reason for hiring a professional instead of just anyone else.

The fence is just an essential part of the house as the rest of it. It functions as the first layer of security, acting on possible threats from the outside world. Ensuring that it’s of top quality is the first step to ensuring safety.


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Written By Scott Prunty

Scott Prunty is the president of Solid Structures. Throughout his 15 active years in the Design-Build Outdoor Living industry, he has earned various certifications in the areas of ICPI Residential, ICPI Advanced Residential, ICPI Commercial, PCIP, and is an ICPI certified instructor.

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