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How much does a deck cost?

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A deck installation may be the perfect project if you’re looking to improve your outdoor living space for summer gatherings or want to add value to your home before selling. But how much does it cost to have a new deck installed? And what factors will affect the final price? Keep reading for answers to those questions and more.

Average Deck Cost Per Square Foot of Deck Installation

Deck building is an investment in your property that will provide you with years of use. The average cost for building one range from about $2200 to $6160, but if we consider what materials are used and how big it gets, it might reach up to $10k.

Cost To Build A Deck By Size

The most common deck sizes and the average cost to build a backyard addition are based on varying levels of material used.

Deck Size Average Cost

10×10 sq. ft – ($2,200 – $6,160)

20×20 sq. ft – ($8,800 – $22,560)

30×30 sq. ft – ($19,200 – $48,960)

40×40 sq. ft – ($32,000 – $86,400)


Deck Cost

Material Costs To Build A Deck

Material cost to build a deck ranges from $6 to $8 per square foot on the national average. You can use three main types of materials when building a deck. Wood, composite, and PVC. These are the primary building materials for installing a new deck in your home.

Pressure-Treated Deck Cost

The pressure-treated lumber used to build your deck will be the most significant factor in determining the overall cost of materials. The average price per square foot of pressure-treated lumber is $18.

Composite Decking Cost

Composite decking materials look like wood but are much easier to maintain. The average price per square foot of composite material decking is $35.

Trex Decking Cost

Trex is one of the leading composite decking brands. The average price per square foot of Trex decking is $35.

Deck Materials

Additional Decking Options & Construction Costs

The cost will increase if you want to add features to your existing deck. Below are some features that will affect the price include. This can also be added to an old deck.

Cost To Build Deck Stairs

Building stairs to your deck will add to the total cost. The average price for building steps is $40 per step, so you must get this number correct in order not only to access the upper levels of your home but also to keep things safe and secure while doing so!

Cost To Install Deck Railing

Installing railings on your deck is another project that will add to the overall cost. The average price for wood, composite, or aluminum materials is about $25 per linear foot, with most people opting for something more durable like metal instead of plastic since it can often last twice as long before needing replacement which adds up over time!

Deck Fireplace & Fire Pit Cost

For the ultimate in backyard entertaining, nothing beats an Outdoor Fireplace. They’re great for large gatherings and can be customized to fit your needs with different size options like a Custom carved stone fireplace or perhaps even one fashioned out of metal! If you want to add a fireplace or fire pit to your deck, the average cost will be about $2,500 to $6500.

Patio Enclosures Cost

If you have a patio that you want to enclose, the cost will be about $6,000 on average—this is a great way to add value to your home and extend your living space.

Screened In Deck Cost

If you want to add a screened-in deck to your home, the cost will be about $600 on average for a small porch. This is a great way to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about bugs or bad weather.

Deck Flooring Costs

The cost of deck flooring will depend on the material you choose. The most common materials are wood, composite, and PVC.

Wood Deck Flooring Cost

Wood is the most popular type of decking material. The average price for wood deck flooring is $6 per square foot.

Composite Deck Flooring Cost

Composite decking looks like wood but is much easier to maintain. The average price for composite deck flooring is $35 per square foot.

PVC Deck Flooring Cost

PVC decking is the most durable type of decking material. The average price for PVC deck flooring is $7 per square foot.

Built-In Deck Seating

If you want to add built-in seating to your deck, the average cost will be about $500 to $5000. This is a great way to enjoy your deck and have a place to sit without taking up too much space.

Cost To Add Hot Tub To Deck

Adding a hot tub to your deck is a great way to relax and enjoy the outdoors. The cost to add a hot tub to your deck can vary depending on what you want. A simple in-ground installation might only set you back about $2,000, while more elaborate ones could go at around $5-$15k+. The type of heaters installed will affect the installation cost of the deck for your home improvement.

Hot Tub in a Deck with a View

Cost To Build Pergola or Roof Over Deck

Adding a pergola or roof over your deck can create an outdoor living space that is even more enjoyable. Some homeowners add an outdoor kitchen to fully utilized the outdoor experience, which is perfect for summer events and parties. On average, the cost to build a pergola or roof over your deck will be about $3,000.

Cost To Install Deck Skirting

Deck skirting is a great way to add a bit of privacy to your deck. On average, the cost to install deck skirting will be about $25-$30 per square foot.

Deck Material Costs

Estimating The Cost Of Building Your Deck

The deck has become a popular addition to homes in this era of outdoor living. If you’re tired from walking out your back door and having nothing decent outside, never mind hosting a BBQ or enjoying time by hot tub; A deck can provide all these things for you!

Deck Size

The first step is to determine the size of your deck and deck design. To do this, you’ll need to measure the length and width of the area where you want to build your deck project. Once you have these measurements, you can multiply them to get the square footage. The deck board sizes will also play a significant factor in choosing your new deck.

Ground Level Vs. Second Story Deck

The next step is deciding whether you want a ground-level or second-story deck. A ground-level deck is typically less expensive to build than a second-story one because it doesn’t require support or stairs.

HOA & Neighborhood Restrictions

Before you start planning your dream deck, you’ll need to ensure that it is allowed by your homeowner’s association (HOA) and neighborhood restrictions. Some HOAs have strict rules about the size, material, and style of allowed decks.

Building Permits

Once you’ve checked for HOA and neighborhood restrictions, you’ll need a building permit from your local municipality. The building codes are essential in considering the correct sizes available for you. The cost of a building permit is typical $200-$500.


In some areas, the deck may be subject to taxes. The tax rate will vary depending on the location of the deck.


The deck will increase your home’s value, which means you’ll pay more in property taxes. The amount depends on what it is made of and where local rates fall within this spectrum; have an assessor check-up with any updates. Usually, these deck installations come with a warranty that covers up to 5years, depending on the company.

Deck Styles & Types

Location Options

There are three main decks: ground-level, elevated, and rooftop.

  • Ground-Level Deck

    A ground-level deck is the most basic type of deck. It is typically built on a level piece of land with good drainage.

  • Elevated Deck

    An elevated deck is built on a platform raised above the ground. This can be a multi-level deck, depending on the house’s landscape. It is typically supported by posts or columns.

  • Rooftop Deck

    A rooftop deck is built on a roof. It is usually enclosed with a railing to prevent people from falling off.

Hiring a Deck Builder

Deck Builder

Return On Investment

Homeowners who invest in professionally installed decks will likely see their home’s value increase than the owners who do DIY deck installation. No matter what the housing market is doing, adding a deck to your house landscaping generally translates into higher sales prices for homes all around town! The average ROI for a deck is 70%. If you spend $10,000 on a deck, you can expect to get back $7,000 when you sell your home.

Installing a deck can significantly improve your home’s value and create extra living space. But it’s important to factor in the deck installation cost, labor cost, and the maintenance required down the road. Consult with a deck builder or contractor to get a more accurate estimate for your specific project. And take the time to find the best deck installation company for your needs to help ensure that you’re happy with the final results.

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