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Does Composite Decking Get Hot in the Sun?

| Scott Prunty |

Building buildiful and functional custom wood decks for our customers is where Solid Structures started. The composite decking industry has significantly improved the materials within their products over the years for the most enjoyable and durable product. The last thing homeowners want to do is spend more time maintaining their deck than enjoying it…and composite decking definitely helps in that regard. However, one concern that often arises with traditional wood decks is the potential for them to become scorching hot in the sun. Noone wants their feet fried, and the tolerances of kids and pets may be more sensitive than adults. Newer composite decking claims to offer a solution to the heat problem. In this blog, we’ll delve into the question: Does composite decking get hot in the sun?

Bottom line up front: All surfaces increase their temperature in direct sunlight! Composite decking comes in various light colors, such as sandy colors and light grays, that will reflect the suns rays more than a dark color would. This is the same concept as wearing a white t-shirt or a black t-shirt on a hot summer day.

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Composite Deck Designed and Built by Solid Structures

Understanding Composite Decking

Before we address the heat factor, let’s first understand what composite decking is. Composite decking is a popular choice for backyard decks, and it’s made from a blend of wood fibers and recycled plastic materials. These materials are fused together to create a durable and low-maintenance decking option.

Composite decking has several advantages, such as its resistance to rot, splintering, and warping. It’s also highly durable and less prone to fading or staining compared to traditional wood decks. But what about the issue of heat?

Composite Deck Designed and Built by Solid Structures

The Heat Factor

One of the primary reasons homeowners consider composite decking is its reputation for staying cooler than traditional wood in the sun. However, whether composite decking gets hot in the sun depends on several factors.

  1. Color: The color of your composite decking can significantly impact its heat retention. Dark-colored composite boards tend to absorb and retain more heat than lighter-colored ones. Lighter colors like gray or beige will generally be cooler underfoot.
  2. Temperature: Like any other material, composite decking will become warmer in direct sunlight. This is true for all materials, but composite decks, with the right color choice, can be more comfortable to walk on than certain wood decks.
  3. Ventilation: Proper deck design and ventilation can also affect how hot your composite deck becomes. Adequate airflow can help dissipate heat, making the deck more comfortable to use on hot days.
  4. Accessories: Adding shade structures, outdoor rugs, or placing potted plants on your deck can help reduce the heat effect and make your outdoor space more enjoyable.
A Shade Structure Over a Composite Deck Designed and Built by Solid Structures

So, Does Composite Decking Get Hot?

Composite decking does have the potential to get hot in the sun, but it tends to be cooler than traditional wood decks, especially if you choose a lighter color and take steps to improve ventilation and minimize heat absorption. Keep in mind that on extremely hot days, any deck, whether it’s made of wood or composite, can become warm to the touch.

If you’re concerned about the heat, there are steps you can take to mitigate the issue, such as choosing lighter-colored composite boards, incorporating shade, or using outdoor rugs. Ultimately, the heat factor should not be a deterrent when considering composite decking for your backyard. Many people are also adding water misting features to their outdoor living spaces to combat extreme summer heat.


Composite decking offers numerous benefits, including its resistance to heat absorption compared to traditional wood. While it may still get warm in direct sunlight, the temperature is generally more manageable. Choosing the right color and implementing proper deck design and maintenance can help ensure a comfortable and enjoyable outdoor space for your summertime gatherings. So, when it comes to the question of whether composite decking gets hot in the sun, the answer is yes, but with some thoughtful planning, it can be a cool and stylish addition to your backyard.

The more you know, the better your deck and backyard projects will be! Whether you’re looking at a brand new project, a deck update, or a style refresh, check out our Deck Installation page and our Deck Photo Gallery. We’d be happy to meet you and design a custom deck that will transform your outdoor living space. Start Your Project by Contacting Us today!

Composite Deck Designed and Built by Solid Structures
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Written By Scott Prunty

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