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5 Tips for a Clean and Clear Swimming Pool

Owning a swimming pool can provide endless enjoyment during the hot summer months. However, maintaining a pool to keep it clean and clear requires consistent effort and attention. Here are five essential tips to help you keep your swimming pool in pristine condition.

Solid Structures specializes in professionally designed and installed fiberglass swimming pools in the Virginia Beach/Chesapeake/Coastal Virginia area. However, we also install the concrete precast plunge pools. For a professional design consultation, please Contact Us to get your project started.

1. Clear Debris Regularly

One of the simplest yet most effective ways to maintain your pool is by regularly clearing debris. Leaves, bugs, and other debris can quickly accumulate, making your pool look dirty and potentially clogging the filtration system. Use a pool skimmer to remove surface debris daily. Additionally, check and empty the skimmer baskets and pool pump baskets weekly to ensure optimal water flow and filtration.

2. Balance Pool Water

Balancing your pool water is crucial for both the health of the swimmers and the longevity of the pool itself. Test your pool water at least once a week using a reliable pool test kit. Always dial in the Total Alkalinity first. Then adjust the pH level between 7.2 and 7.6, and finally achieve chlorine levels between 1 and 3 ppm. Properly balanced water prevents issues such as algae growth, cloudy water, and skin irritation. For more information about balancing pool water, visit a related blog HERE.

Fiberglass Pool and Spa Combo Installed by Solid Structures

3. Maintain the Pool Filter

Here at Solid Structures, we primarily install Cartridge Filters, which are extremely easy to clean by removing the cartridge(s) and spraying out the debris with a regular garden hose. You don’t want to use a pressure washer because it could damage the pleats that filter the water. Your pool filter is essential for keeping the water clean by trapping dirt, debris, and other particles. It’s good practice to clean these cartridge filters at least twice per season to ensure contaminates are washed out and so that pressure does not exceed the recommended levels for pump efficiency. You are also going to want to ensure to run your filter pump enough to completely filter your pool’s volume at least once per day. With today’s variable speed pumps, it is common to run the pump 24 hours a day on a programmed schedule consisting of high speed, medium speed, and low speed to conserve energy and filter as much as possible. You can never over filter your pool but you can certainly under filtrate it.

Before and After Cartridge Filter Cleaning

4. Maintain Proper Water Level

Keeping the correct water level in your pool is more important than you might think. Water levels that are too low can damage the pump because you risk sucking air through the skimmer, while levels that are too high can affect the skimmer’s efficiency. Aim to keep the water level at the midpoint of the pool skimmer opening. Regularly check and adjust the water level, especially after heavy rain or during periods of frequent pool use when water loss through splashing and evaporation is higher. You also want to adjust your suction valve to be about 70 percent skimmer and 30 percent main drain. This ensures the skimmer has enough power to skim the surface debris before it has a chance to sink and break down on the bottom while also maintaining full circulation of the water in the deep end.

Proper Water Level Relative to Skimmer Opening

5. Shock After Heavy Usage or Rain

Shocking your pool involves adding a high dose of chlorine to eliminate bacteria, algae, and other contaminants. It’s particularly important to shock your pool after heavy usage, such as a pool party (hey, we all know people pee in pools!), or after heavy rainfall, which can introduce organic contaminants and dilute the pool chemicals. Generally, you should shock your pool once every one to two weeks, depending on usage. Solid Structures installs Saltwater Chlorine Generators and these have a “Boost/Shock” mode which will generate chlorine at 100% for a period of time and then return to normal operation.

Solid Structures Pool at 2023 East Coast Surfing Championship (ECSC)


By following these five tips, you can enjoy a sparkling clean swimming pool throughout the season. Regular maintenance and attention to detail will ensure that your pool remains a safe and inviting place for family and friends to relax and have fun.

If you are looking for a swimming pool in the Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, or larger Coastal Virginia area, please contact Solid Structures.

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Written By Scott Prunty

Scott Prunty is the president of Solid Structures. Throughout his 15 active years in the Design-Build Outdoor Living industry, he has earned various certifications in the areas of ICPI Residential, ICPI Advanced Residential, ICPI Commercial, PCIP, and is an ICPI certified instructor.

  • 15 years actively in the Design-Build Outdoor Living industry
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